General Rules For Discipline

  1. One must aside by the rules and regulation mentioned in the college prospectus. Violation of these are highly punishable.
  2. College authority's decision would be considered final.
  3. At any stage the students are entertained to discuss and to sort out their problems related to academics with the college authorities.
  4. If a student fails to appear for any kind of examination her marks will be considered zero.
  5. The student has to pay the fee till the name gets struck off from the college.
  6. In the mid of the session if a student leaves the college she must submit an application signed from local guardian.
  7. Clinging any kind of notice to the walls are not permissible.
  8. Addiction is strictly prohibited.
  9. Students are not allowed to bring their personal mobile in the college periphery.
  10. The students are expected to be humble and credible authorities and other teaching and non teaching staff members of the college.