Leadership Team Message

Mrs. Sumitra Bishnoi


Dear Parents, It is an honour and an especially rare or fortunate opportunity to be the Principal of Asha Girls College, the College that stands for excellence,perfection and continuously sets the highest standards in all the fields of education.

The education means development of all the different faculties of man – physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual. Character formation is one of the main aim of education. We know that in our country educational system has failed because character formation of the students has been neglected. True education helps us to understand and appreciate our environment and responsibilities to others, to the society as a whole, to the country and even to the world community. It also enables us to aware of our right and privileges as a citizens of the world. Since the students are future of a nation. They are the leaders, administrators and ruler of tomorrow. They are pillers of a nation. They have a vital role to play in every sphere of life. They should work for the promotion of basic human rights and mankind’s liberation form the shackles of poverty and inequality. It’s the duty of the teachers and society to channelize the unbridled energy of the students in the direct direction. The students can take their country on the top of the world by their concrete action. Effort and hardwork are the true ingredients of success. Success will come to you and fortune will embrace you if you work hard. Asha College. creates a pleasant learning environment to home the skills to perfection. With best compliment.

Dr. Vijender Kumar

Academic Advisor (Governing Body)

Our curriculum combines the best of research and practice drawn from the wealth of knowledge and experience available today in the world of higher education. We Endeavour not only to produce excellent academic result but also to create a admirable framework for developing life-skills and all-round excellence. Special is laid on developing communicative & interpersonal skills and team sprite.

It is my pleasure to communicate with you that asha girls college which is dedicated to excellence and innovative, aims and developing all round personality of its students in all its emotional, intellectual and aspects. We educate our students to become responsible, result oriented and ethical citizens of india.

Mr. Anand Sharma


Asha girls college symbolizes my good wishes, ambitions and aspirations for the upliftment and prosperity of the people of this area and particularly the younger generation who have been since long deprived of their legitimate right of getting higher education for want of such facilities in the area. I am fully confident and expect that over the years the institution will come-up as 'An excellent center of knowledge and learning'.

Mr. Surender Poonia


It gives me immense pleasure and sense of gratification to share that asha girls college has been established not only to provide traditional higher education to the students but also to develop students in such a way that they should be able to prove themselves as better rivals in the competitive capitalistic economy. They must be trained with latest methods and technology of teaching. The fast changing world has enhanced the enormity and importance of the task Asha Girls College to educate the students such that they have the clear perspective of the corporate world.