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Asha Girls College

Welcome to Asha Girls College, the unique college designed to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. We provide an exemplary to all our girls who learn by actively discovering, integrating and applying knowledge in a dynamic and community. Our holistic approach to learning promotes the development of every girl's mind, body and soul in an academically stimulating environment. The academic time table of Asha Girls College and schedule of activities ensures that students avail of the excellent learning, leaving and artistic facilities. Our teaching staff promotes success and achievement through friendly encouragement and exemplification. So to cater for the needs of students from various regions we have made special provision. Extending education beyond the confines of the syllabus we integrate Spoken English and Computer courses in the evening hours to make college life a more holistic experience. Even special emphasis is given to hindi fluency classes also.

-- Approved by Govt. of Haryana. & Affiliated to GJU Sc.& Tech., Hisar

Director's Message

Mr. Anand Sharma

Asha girls college symbolizes my good wishes, ambitions and aspirations for the upliftment and prosperity of the people of this area and particularly the younger generation who have been since long deprived of their legitimate right of getting higher education for want of such facilities in the area. I am fully confident and expect that over the years the institution will come-up as 'An excellent center of knowledge and learning'.

Secretary Message

Mr. Surender Poonia

It gives me immense pleasure and sense of gratification to share that asha girls college has been established not only to provide traditional higher education to the students but also to develop students in such a way that they should be able to prove themselves as better rivals in the competitive capitalistic economy. They must be trained with latest methods and technology of teaching. The fast changing world has enhanced the enormity and importance of the task Asha Girls College to educate the students such that they have the clear perspective of the corporate world.


आप अभी देशवासियो को होली के त्यौहार की हार्दिक सुभकामनाये।



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